21 Dec 2009Blog

Would you like to learn something interesting about one of these Caribbean islands?

by Maxwell

I have generated this report, which is actually just a list of facts about each of the listed Caribbean islands, just something interesting for everyone.

Antigua is an island but this is also a word, do you what this means? Antigua is a Spanish word and means Ancient, it received its name thanks to Columbus, who named it after a church in Santa Maria!

Do you know what the National Flower of Barbados is? This flower was thought to only grow on Barbados, and it is called the “Pride of Barbados” it is a form of Hibiscus flower.

St Lucia now known as the luxury island of the Caribbean, used to be a land of war and battle. The British and the French went to war over this island at least 14 times, earning it its name “Helen of the West Indies”.

How many people do you think live on Jamaica, just a rough guess, and I bet that you get it completely wrong. There are many more people living here than you think i bet? I doubt that you were very close, the number you are trying to find is somewhere in the region of 3 million!

Cuba, the state stuck in the 60’s, well I want to shed something more interesting on this place for you. Bearing in mind the regime and all the restrictions set on this island, it is by far the most culturally diverse of all the Caribbean islands!

Grenada is a sovereign state, and has taken advantage of its natural beauty as much as possible to exploit tourism heavily. However Grenada has another name like Zanzibar, it is known as the Spice isle. This island produces much of the spice in the whole of the Caribbean, including items like Nutmeg from mace.

Finally we have Bermuda, well without stating the obvious superstitious stuff about this place, let’s find out something else. Bermuda may be referred to as the singular, but it is in fact made up of more than 130 smaller islands, the mainland is usually called Bermuda.