11 Oct 2011Blog

Where to find the 5 best Flying Fish sandwiches in Barbados

by Monique

1. Mr. Delicious

Fancy a full day at a beach which hosts an excellent lunch stop and shady areas to enjoy your meal?

Mr. Delicious is a converted bus food stall located at Miami beach which is only 2 minutes away from Oistins on the South coast of Barbados. When it’s time to take a break from soaking up the sunshine, order the flying fish sandwich from Mr. Delicious which is generally a couple flying fish rolled in a tasty batter, fried and placed on a bun with some hot pepper sauce. Simple but very tasty and also goes well with his homemade lemonade.

2. Zaccios

Ever feel short-changed by the single flying fish cutter? Well go to Zaccios, you get 2 here.

Located on the seaside in the heart of Holetown on the West coast of Barbados, Zaccios is perfect for casual dining during the day and night. Two panko crusted flying fish come served between a fresh sesame seed bun with fries and coleslaw on the side. You will not leave here hungry!

3. Ju Ju’s Beach Bar

Ju Ju's Beach BarWant to taste the best homemade seasoning on your flying fish while sticking your toes in the sand?

Ju Ju’s Beach Bar is located on the West coast of Barbados and stretches along The Garden, St. James past the Royal Pavilion hotel to the South. Two seasoned flying fish grilled or fried to perfection set between 3 layers of fresh sliced bread, garnished with salad bits and sliced into 4 quarters come with homemade fries. The homemade seasoning they use at this beachfront bar is simply delicious!

4. Patisserie Flindt

Patisserie FlindtPrefer a place where you can eat your flying fish sandwich, grab a cup of joe and maybe a sweet treat to finish off the meal?

Patisserie Flindt is located in Holetown opposite the new lifestyle centre, Lime Grove on the West coast. Here you will get 2 large panko crusted flying fish served on a bun with homemade fries, a fresh salad and or coleslaw on the side. This is the perfect place to sit back and relax (you will need to after you devour your tasty meal) but that’s ok because Flindt is also known for it’s desserts, pastries and tea/coffee accompaniments (like their scones and banana bread).

5. Cutters

CuttersWant to kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Stop here for one of the best rum punch’s and equally good flying fish sandwiches. 

Cutters is a reasonably small eatery located in St. Philip on the South East coast of Barbados, just after The Crane Hotel. This flying fish cutter is simply 2 seasoned flying fish which are grilled and placed between a fresh bajan salt bread with a little hot pepper sauce and mayo if you like, but the fish is so crispy and the bread is so soft that it’s really all you need! However you can also order one of Cutters cold salads or macaroni pie on the side. This is also where you will find the most potent but extremely delicious rum punch. Word of advice, call in your order before hand and instead of eating there, take a picnic down to The Crane Beach and spend the day.