27 Jul 2012Blog

Watch the Olympics online from Barbados?

by Monique

Watch Olympics onlineThe best way to watch the London 2012 Olympics from Barbados is with the BBC Sport website. It has multiple live streams, high quality recaps and great commentary (no offence CBC, but it’s nice to hear some professionals comment on the games) of the action including today’s opening ceremony, which is definitely worth watching. Especially for the bit when the Queen parachutes out of a helicopter with James Bond.

IP block

The only problem with BBC online video content is that they tend to block access from outside of the UK. So, we use a really handy VPN service called Strong VPN, with Strong VPN  you can sign-up for a paid VPN service for only a few bucks a month. It really is the best way to watch TV shows from the US and UK, we use it for US services like Netflix and Hulu and of course the BBC’s iPlayer.

Strong VPN is affordable, reliable and has great live chat support. We’ve been using it for years! Starter packages start at around $5 USD per month, but we use a deluxe VPN that allows us to change between different cities. Say goodbye to Cable TV and hello to internet TV. Watch the Olympics online with no hassle straight from her majesty’s own British broadcasting corporation. It’s a small price to pay to watch the excellent BBC Sport interactive player in HD.

Sign up to Strong VPN using this link.