17 Sep 2012Blog

Visit The Barbados Wildlife Reserve

by Monique

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is located opposite Farley Hill to the North of the island and is the perfect Barbados attraction for the kids. This animal sanctuary features an array of animals such as the Barbados green monkey, land turtles, peacocks, brocket deer, both small and large armadillos, iguanas and a python. In the specially designed aviary you will also see parakeets, parrots, and other tropical birds.

Here are a few images of the wildlife …

For approximately $12.00 USD per person, you can stroll freely through this nature sanctuary situated to the North of the island, as you head towards Cattlewash. The best part of a visit to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is definitely feeding time which takes place around 2:00 PM every day. This event is quite a spectacle and should not be missed!

Check out our video below:

The main feature at the Wildlife Reserve is without a doubt the Barbados Green Monkeys, but they do have a tendency to be overly friendly and will grab things from you. This Barbados sanctuary is within a natural shaded mahogany grove and the pathways can be slippery during the wet season. It is quite possible to spend many hours here relaxing and looking at the animals while enjoying a drink from the bar. In particular, if you are travelling with children, they will thoroughly enjoy this Barbados attraction as they can wonder around at their own pace.

Please note: The animals at the Reserve are wild and as such they will defend themselves if threatened or provoked. It is advised that you keep your distance at all times and resist the temptation to feed or touch them.


Adults: $23.50 BBD ($11.75 USD) per person
Children: $11.75 BBD ($5.87 USD) from 3 to 12 years old
Children under 3 yrs old are FREE

Contact info

a: Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Farley Hill, St. Peter
t: +1 246 422 8826