07 Jul 2009Blog

Trinidad born and world renown journalist, Trevor McDonald, comes under heavy condemnation for his recent documentary on Jamaica

by Maxwell

T MacIn today’s Jamaica Gleaner News, Berl Francis, Director of Communiations in the Ministry of Tourism, hits out at Trevor McDonald for the first part of his 3 part documentary, “Secrets of the Caribbean,” aired this past Sunday on British Television Chanel ITV.

Whilst the title of the documentary might hint at a positive portrayal of the island, benefiting its largest income provider, tourism, the Trinidadian born Trevor McDonald did quite the opposite.

Quoting from the article, “Since its airing to millions of homes in the UK, the Caribbean diaspora has been outraged by the overly negative portrayal of Jamaica, including statistics on the unemployment rate in the capital city, Kingston.”

Whilst I appreciate it is a journalists job to discuss the truth, there are plenty of positives Jamaica has to offer. Will be interesting to see how Mr McDonald is welcomed next time he decides to visit the region that he once called home!