07 Jul 2011Blog

‘Torch’ at the Oval Friday, July 8th by the Brewster’s Road Crew!

by Monique

Check out the Brewster’s Road Crew this Friday, July 8th at the Oval for their next party — ‘Torch’!

It’s $20 to get through the door, the party starts from 10:00 pm until …. and there will be performances by Edwin, Khiomal, TC and Gorg. If you participate in this event, you may be able to win a free Blackberry Torch and you will be part of the launch of Bacardi torched cherry (Bacardi flavoured with Bajan cherries)!

The Brewster’s Road Crew comprises of a group of friends and family who have worked and partied together for many years.

The concepts for their parties are guided by their philosophy that they should promote the kind of parties that they would love to attend. The features of their events that largely appeal to their patrons are those very elements that make them and their events unique.

These include:

  • 100% soca fetes
  • Partying ’til morning
  • Affordability
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Commitment to the community
To find out more info, have a look at the Brewster’s Road Crew Website and Facebook page.