Friday, 18 July 2014

Testimonial from a property owner

Listed June 16th, 2014 — Rented July 18th, 2014

Monthly rate: $1,400 USD

Hi Monique,

We have now rented our property thanks to an inquiry from your website. We did get 4 inquiries and one was a perfect fit!
Please take the property off the website and discontinue the listing.
We would definitely recommend your site to anyone looking to rent or sell a property in Bim.

Best regards,
Susan Archer

Newstead, Dayrells Road, Rockley, Christ Church


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Response to ‘Craving a little sunshine?’ newsletter

Hello Monique,

With the winter we are still experiencing here in Europe, we are craving more than just a ‘little’ sunshine.

Thanks for the contact, it gives me the opportunity to tell you what a fantastic job you are doing in not only promoting your business but also that beautiful little Island.

Although I am still keeping a close eye on the property market in Barbados and note the number of fantastic opportunities that fit my criteria, with the current economic uncertainties and particularly lack of ‘growth’ here in the UK and indeed Europe, it is therefore very frustrating not to be in a position personally, to take advantage of a few of those properties you are marketing, especially those with the potential to ‘add value’, as this is what I do / did before the property market hit rock bottom here in the UK and so at this time, for me it’s about waiting for the powers to be to put plans in place for recovery more so than austerity! Incidentally, it is your relentless ‘pro-active approach’ to your business that I most admirer and verify to me that we have the wrong people trying to sort the mess of the World out and I’ll like to ‘Thank you’ for that!

Anyway, I will now step from a great height off my ‘soapbox’ and say keep up the great great work, I love what you are building and I’ll be in touch as soon as I’m able to make an investment.

With Regards,

Kelvin Clarke

Thursday, 28 June 2012

LinkedIn Recommendation

Been working with Monique for over a year now through Barbados Property List… she is always on top of the latest trends when it comes to the entire social media and real estate spectrum. Monique has an amazing personality… very happy with the way she markets our property listings and keeps our office busy with numerous leads!

Top Qualities: Personable, high integrity, creative

Junior Sparks
Real Estate Agent
Global Estate Agency

Friday, 22 June 2012

LinkedIn Recommendation

Monique is diligent and works hard to attract traffic to her site, which in turn will hopefully convert into business opportunities for her clients. She is very efficient and responsive and genuinely tries to tailor unique ways to attract the business that the agents are seeking after.

Top qualities: Great results, personable, good value…

Cherita O’dell
Managing Director
Million Dollar Homes

Monday, 30 January 2012

LinkedIn Recommendation

I would definitely recomend BPL – I have found Monique to be most efficient and helpful and the site is well positioned on search engines.


Valerie deFreitas
Managing Director
Associated Realty

Thursday, 19 January 2012

LinkedIn Recommendation

BPL is a fantastic team full of great information, advice and motivation that helped build my company’s website from their Web Shop services just when I was about to pull my hair out. From blogging to advertising, you name it they had an answer. BPL took away my fear of technology and allowed media marketing to make sense to me! 🙂

Lana Sealy
Pilates Instructor
Body Mekanix

Friday, 25 November 2011

From: Alleyne Real Estate
Date: 25 November 2011 09:43:53 AST
To: Monique Truss
Subject: Testimonial from Alleyne Real Estate

In a market with many websites all offering the same thing BPL distinguishes itself by delivering relevant, interesting, and up-to-date content.



Paul Alleyne
Sales Director
Alleyne Real Estate

Friday, 18 November 2011

Thank You card

Dear Monique,

I just wanted to thank you for organising the Portico location.
You did a fast and efficient job in securing a spot, it was much appreciated.
Thanks again and look forward to working with you again!



Stephanie Barnes
Interior Designer
Stephanie Barnes Interior Design Studio

Thursday, 17 November 2011

From: Island Gold Realty
Date: 17 November 2011 09:07:11 AST
To: Monique Truss
Subject: Re: New enquiry

I am liking these inquiries Monz – keep it up.

Paul D. Allan
Manager & Sales Director
Island Gold Realty

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

From: Plum Tree Club
Date: 9 August 2011 10:38:51 AST
To: Monique Truss
Subject: Testimonial from Plum Tree Club

Our experience with Barbados Property List has been nothing but positive. Our listing and pictures were promptly uploaded as soon as we sent them and within a month, we had our apartment rented. The monthly fee for the listing is minimal, especially compared to other companies which require the first month’s rent as commission. In addition, we were given even greater exposure through the Barbados Property List e-newsletter and we were given the option to apply the unused portion of our listing fee to a different listing once we had rented the first apartment. We would not hesitate to recommend Barbados Property List and we will definitely be continuing our listing with them.

Ann Smith, General Manager, Plum Tree Club

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

From: Janine Banfield
Date: 29 June 2011 12:06:04 AST
To: Monique Truss
Subject: RE: Newsletter

I did have a look and I thought it was great. Very comprehensive and a very good feature for BPL. Other property listing portals are losing their appeal because there is so much ”dead stock” on it that users get frustrated when they hear that it has been rented or no longer available. This type of newsletter is helpful and makes me confident that you keep on top of everything.

Great stuff Monz!

Janine Banfield
Island Gold Realty

Friday, 25 Mar 2011

From: Barbados Living
Date: 25 Mar 2011 08:32:24 AST
To: Monique Truss
Subject: RE: Testimonial

Barbados Property List makes listing our properties with them an easy and hassle free process! We have been quite pleased with the response we are receiving from our listings and the clientele so far. Another positive for our clients is; the listings are not duplicated by many agents and this makes searching for properties and an even more enjoyable process!!

Annalisa Sealy
Barbados Living

Wednesday, 2 Mar 2011

From: Island Gold Realty
Date: 2 Mar 2011 09:31:30 AST
To: Monique
Subject: BPL enquiries

The website is working we ARE getting quite a few inquiries.


Paul D. Allan
Managing & Sales Director
Island Gold Realty Ltd.

Wednesday, 26 Jan 2011

From: Junior Sparks
Date: 26 January 2011 10:10:03 AST
To: Jonathan
Subject: RE: Leads?

Hey Jonathan,

Sure, so far so good, it’s a mixture really. From every advertising medium you’re going to get some “lookie loos”, but I screen clients before I hit the road, so that’s no worry to me, what I notice though with BPL is by the time clients get to me they already have an idea of if the property could work or not as the website gives them more than enough info and photos.

I’m happy so far with the deals I got from the site.


Junior Sparks | Real Estate Agent | Global Estate Agency Inc.

Sun, 14 Nov 2010

From: Alberto Abreu
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 14:15:30 -0500
To: Monique
Subject: RE: Barbados Property List enquiry on Unit 823, Building 8, Ocean View Residences, The Crane, St. Philip

Dear Monique,

I cannot fail to express my gratitude for the first-rate job you’ve done with my advert. You did something rare, I think: you truly cared for your client and went about the task of marketing my property in the most thorough and imaginative way. After many frustrating months dealing with countless lackadaisical brokers and agents, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of an outfit that represents its clients in such a way that they feel worthy and truly matter. Bravo, Monique! And should you ever consider posting on your site the testimonials of happy clients, I will be honored if you ask me first. In fact, why not start with this one.

Here’s wishing you and your husband all of the good fortune you deserve.

Yours Sincerely,

Alberto Abreu
Washington, D.C.