26 Apr 2010Blog

Taste of the Caribbean: Saltfish Buljol « Uncommon Caribbean

by Jonathan

Uncommon Caribbean is fast-becoming one of my favourite blogs.

Today’s busy modern lifestyles often relegate breakfast to an afterthought. What’d you grab this morning while rushing out the door to catch the train, or beat traffic? Cereal bar? Banana? Bagel? Whatever it was, it’s unlikely to have had the spice and flavor of Saltfish Buljol.

Growing up with Trini parents, I often awoke to the smell of Buljol, especially on weekends when we had more time to ease into the day (prep time is about 45 minutes). You won’t need much coffee with this special treat either, as it packs enough hot pepper to wake even the groggiest souls.

via Taste of the Caribbean: Saltfish Buljol « Uncommon Caribbean.