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Suzuki Music Barbados Easter concert

by Monique

Suzuki goes to DisneyAbout Suzuki Music (Barbados)

Suzuki Music (Barbados) is a non-profit organisation devoted to musical education for children based on the approach developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist. Dr. Suzuki observed that every child learns to speak his or her native language from a very early age and reasoned that, given the right environment, every child could learn to play a musical instrument. Since its beginnings in Japan over 50 years ago, the Suzuki Method has spread all over North America, Latin America and Europe. Our group was founded in 1991 and has grown to include both violin and guitars with over 50 students between the ages of three and sixteen, playing European classical styles, Afro–Caribbean rhythms, and contemporary music.

Suzuki goes to Disney

The Suzuki Music Barbados Easter Concert takes place on Saturday, 24th March, 2012.

Email Alicia at aliciasuzuki@gmail.com or Deborah at deborahsuzuki@gmail.com for more info.


In the past twenty years Suzuki Music Barbados has been able to:

  • Establish a rental programme for junior sized violins, cellos and guitars at nominal cost. This allows many children, who would otherwise be unable to afford an instrument, to learn to play the violin.
  • Arrange for Suzuki teacher training in Canada and the United States for Barbadian violinists, guitarists, and cellists. With capable and enthusiastic teachers Suzuki Music Barbados has been able to increase enrolment and bring music to many more children.
  • Conduct several workshops for young violinists, including members of the Barbados National Youth Orchestra.
  • Achieve status as a Registered Private Educational Institution with the Ministry of Education.

Plans for 2012 through 2015

Teacher TrainingTo improve and expand the programme, they will again place an emphasis on teacher training. During the next three to five years teachers affiliated with this group will attend more advanced teacher training workshops at Suzuki Institutes held overseas. This not only helps them to develop teaching techniques, but to become more proficient on their own instrument.

Instruments:  A number of organisations have donated violins to the Suzuki Music Barbados group over the past several years and these instruments are in the hands of budding young musicians. Suzuki Music Barbados has a strong violin rental pool with over seventy (70) violins, five (5) cellos, and five (5) classical guitars in various sizes and they are expanding their cello and classical guitar programmes and plan to purchase more new and used instruments.

How can you help?

While teaching musical skills to children, the Suzuki method also instills discipline, fosters creativity, empathy and a sense of community and support. All of which are necessary in developing good and productive citizens.

‘Like’ Suzuki Music Barbados’ Facebook page and visit their website for more information and to find out how you can get involved AND SUPPORT!