16 Jul 2009Blog

Sport Tourism – The BTA focus on another avenue for the tourism sector

by Maxwell

images1Following on from my blog post on July 9th, Health awarenes tourism – another string in the Bow for Barbados’s Tourism sector I would like to draw your attention to an article posted today  on www.ttglive.com reporting David Rice’s (incoming president and CEO of the BTA) recent comments regarding Sport Tourism in Barbados.

He views it as an untapped yearly market. Whilst we have sports such as golf attracting tourists to the island, this typically occurs during the 4 month winter period.

I for one love my sports and would be very happy to see the BTA improve facilities in Barbados so that we can attract sport minded tourists. Furthermore, we would see a knock-on affect within the local population who would gain from more facilities and structured training sessions.

I wonder what David Rice has in mind?