15 Aug 2009Blog

Sign up for sun, sea and sport on Barbados

by Jonathan

This is the Barbados Sports Camp, a smart idea dreamt up by the tourist board to attract more people to the island after the summer Crop Over Festival, when the number of visitors traditionally dips. Now in its third year, the scheme is proving a success with almost the full summer quota signed up by the first day.

It’s an attractive idea to kids who dream of seeing their picture one day on the cover of Fifa’s annual computer game – which sadly seems to have supplanted scoring the winning goal in a World Cup Final as the top footie ambition – not least because it is led by British and Caribbean sporting icons. For the parents, there’s the added attraction that it’s free (though you do have to buy a holiday to Barbados in the first place).

Source: Sign up for sun, sea and sport on Barbados