01 Dec 2011Blog

SEO alone is a bruggadown marketing strategy

by Monique

At BPL, we spend a lot of time working on our on-page SEO, but it’s far from our only marketing strategy. This morning, I noticed a very strange website called divefree.net ranking for “real estate barbados” on Google. Divefree.net have copied content from barbados.org on a page called realest.htm. This is a clear example of duplicate content and something Google usually take a very strong stance on. In short, they should penalize divefree.net for this.

The Google system is not perfect, and that’s how blatant offenses like this often slip through the net. It will be interesting to note how long this site manages to keep ranking for “real estate barbados”. I’ve checked it from several locations and screen grabbed the page here for posterity below. Let me know if your seeing similar strange results in the comments section below.

Another thing worth mentioning is that divefree.net is registered to a company called Axses. I think axses.net produce quite a few local websites. Be careful of working with website shops who employ spammy SEO tactics. If you get caught by Google, this can seriously damage your rankings.

If you’re a website business owner relying on SEO, you should also look into other marketing strategies and channels. SEO is very unreliable as you are subject to the whims of Google algorithm.