16 Jun 2009Blog

Propertytalklive: Barbados property is winning investment formula as prices rise

by m

A look at the Barbados property market and its ability to remain relatively stable during a period of global economic instability.

Property prices in Barbados are appreciating at between 10–15% per year at the middle of the market and often higher at the luxury end, even during these harder economic times.

Estate agents Cluttons Barbados said the property market remained in a stage of growth and was driven by a strong economy and well-established tourism industry.

Barbados has fantastic amenities, golf courses, spas and restaurants with direct flights from major cities and a great climate and beaches.

In recent months Cluttons Barbados has seen a considerable upturn in the high-end market and believes people are becoming less patient with the lifestyle in the UK. This has all led to a winning formula for British buyers.

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Source: www.propertytalklive.co.uk