07 Oct 2009Blog

Property Investment Overseas – Back on Track?

by Maxwell

Things are looking up!

There’s plenty of talk of green shoots in overseas property investment, but house price indices are probably the only true indicators of what is really happening in the markets. Indices recently released by Knight Frank and The Economist appear to show that property investment abroad is indeed taking a turn for the better.

The Knight Frank Global House Price Index for Q2 this year opens with the affirmation that ‘global housing markets show signs of tentative recovery’. The Economist titles its index, ‘House prices are creeping up again’. However, in spite of their upbeat beginnings, both indices are cautious about announcing definitive recovery.

The Knight Frank Q2 report finds that property investment in almost half the locations in the Index is positive. House prices rose in 15 countries during the April to June quarter. Further good news comes from the fact that there were no falls in house prices of over 10% anywhere. (Several countries – headed by Dubai’s spectacular tumble of 41% – saw double-figure decreases during Q1.)

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