27 Oct 2009Blog

Property in Barbados remains most popular in Caribbean

by Jonathan

I’m not sure how accurate HomesOverseas.co.uk’s data is, but we admire and encourage the positivity about Barbados. Also, Holidaylettings.co.uk cite Bottom Bay as one of their most popular areas, I wonder if that is the same experience for on-island agents? We see some interest in our St. Philip category, but not as much as other areas.

Properties in Barbados, where it is widely claimed that values have never fallen, is the most popular destination with property investors and holidaymakers buying homes and visiting the Caribbean, according to fresh research.

The data comes from the number of Caribbean holiday homes currently advertised on Holidaylettings.co.uk, which has significantly more properties in Barbados compared to the other Caribbean islands, as a consequence of the island’s popularity.

via Property in Barbados remains most popular in Caribbean.

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