29 Jan 2013Blog

Photograph and stage your Barbados home like a pro!

by Summer

So you’ve decided to rent or sell your Barbados home, and need to advertise your property online? The first thing you’ll need to do is take some photos of your property. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

You can sell your property much faster with good quality pictures. Remember the best way to stand out among the competition is with your photos.

We understand that not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer, and so we have put together a few tips on how you can produce photographs of your home without breaking the bank. Also, try our staging tips to help make your pictures look professional.

General tips

The trial period has endedPhotograph one room, or even one wall, at a time. Take pictures with the sun or lights source BEHIND you always. Give yourself time, and consider spreading out your photo taking over a few days.

If your home is not furnished, try to photograph rooms together, like the master bedroom with the bathroom. Keep your camera still and straight. Tilting it will make walls look slanted. Photograph rooms from a corner as opposed to straight on.


Make sure that distracting items like extension cords or messy towels are not hanging around in the image.

Utilize props such as magazines, fruit or drinks to make room shots more appealing.

IF you happen to have a tripod, use it! This will ensure a better quality picture.

Outdoors and exterior shots

Dare to Dream

The absolute first impression any buyer will get of your property is from the outside.

With this in mind, you should make a real effort to cut the grass, and make sure that garbage is not at the front door. If you have a particularly nice and mature garden, play this up with close up shots of your blooming flowers, and green plants.


Unit 303 Sapphire Beach

It’s important to know that when photographing your kitchen, you should remove all unnecessary small appliances such as toasters and other small appliances.

This will instantly make your kitchen seem larger and more spacious. Don’t leave your overnight dirty dishes in the sink, or have your un-opened mail piled up all over the countertops.

Living and dining area

El Sol Sureno Unit 6

People spend a large amount of time in their living and dining rooms. So set your dining table as if you were having a dinner party. This will add interest and make a potential buyer see what they can do with the room.

Be creative. Make sure toys are not in heaps all over the floor. Flowers on the table are always a good idea. Avoid photographing the back of your couch, this is quite boring to look at.


Drake House

Don’t leave clothes or personal items lying around. Fluff pillows and make sure the beds don’t look like someone has been sleeping on them all day.

Don’t photograph the inside of your closet unless it is immaculate. Open the windows and turn on the lights, this will make your rooms look brighter and bigger.  If a potential buyer can’t see himself or herself living there, they won’t be inclined to purchase the property.


Apt 305 Villas On The Beach

Bathrooms are always a hard sell and usually don’t look nice. Make sure to remove your toiletries, and old bath mats. Don’t leave your half rolled up toothpaste tube and toothbrush by the sink.

Buyers look at a bathroom for spa like qualities. Pick flowers from your garden and place by the sink. Make sure to have new soap and fresh towels in place.



Arrange furniture so the area looks simple and inviting.

Don’t take pictures with shoes on the floor, or excessive amounts of cushions on chairs.

Include a glass or cold drink on a chair or side table makes viewers envision themselves sitting and enjoying that drink.

Laundry room


When photographing your laundry room, don’t leave your undergarments about. First impressions will last, and buyers aren’t keen to see your tighty whities!

Laundry baskets full of dirty clothes do not inspire purchasers to pull their pocket!