29 Jan 2013Blog

Our favourite 100 % Bajan products

by Monique

It’s always good to support your own. Always try to buy products made in Barbados (or as us locals like to say, 100 % Bajan) when you can!

Sugar cakes   Turnovers   Sugar cakes

Amanda's seasoning   Mount Gay rum   Banks beer

Sodabix   Ju-c   Eclipse

Sweet and Dandy   Ecaf pepper sauce   Teatime biscuits

Bajan garlic pickle   Aunt Mays seasoning   Shirley biscuits


Here’s a list of our Bajan favourites and picks from some of our followers:

  • Shemar’s Organic Bajan garlic pickle
  • Eclipse crackers
  • Teatime biscuits/cookies
  • Mount Gay XO
  • Banks beer
  • Delish pepper sauce
  • Amanda’s bajan seasoning
  • Sweet and Dandy mauby
  • Mount Gay Rum
  • Original Sodabix
  • Original Shirley biscuits
  • Aunt May seasoning
  • Amanda’s pepper sauce
  • Sugar cakes
  • Comfort (laundry detergent)
  • Ecaf pepper sauce
  • Tiger Malt
  • JuC (soda)
  • Kelly’s Natural hot pepper jelly
  • Jam puffs and coconut turnovers
  • Joann’s plantain chips
  • Nature’s Oils Bajan cherry jam

We would like to thank everyone who commented on our Facebook post!

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