28 Oct 2010Blog

Mourning in Barbados: Sun obscured by clouds | The Economist

by Jonathan

David Thompson

IN THE English-speaking Caribbean voters tend to venerate experience in their political leaders. David Thompson stood out when he became prime minister of Barbados in 2008 at the comparatively young age of 46. His death, of pancreatic cancer, on October 23rd was untimely as well as tragic. Amid national mourning, his funeral will be held at Kensington Oval, the island’s iconic cricket ground.

In a sometimes turbulent Caribbean, Barbados, with a population of 280,000, has been a model of prosperity and good governance. In its annual survey of perceptions of corruption released this week, Transparency International, an NGO, ranked Barbados as cleaner than both Britain and the United States. The island outscores all other Caribbean and Latin American countries in the United Nations’ human-development index. Education is free to postgraduate degree level. Crime rates are among the region’s lowest. All this has been underpinned by a prosperous economy based on tourism and financial services.

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