08 Feb 2010Blog

More information on applying for the position of a field volunteer required for nesting beach monitoring programme for hawksbill turtles – Barbados – The Barbados Sea Turtle Project – environmental jobs at Stopdodo.com

by m

Some of you were enquiring whether locals could apply for the field volunteer position being offered by The Barbados Sea Turtle Project and I have received the following information from the Field Director, Darren C. Browne:

 Locals can most certainly apply. The process is much simpler than that for international volunteers, and the two-month time period does not apply. Simply complete the attached form and send the data back to this email address, along with a copy of your CV. You will be considered along with our other local applicants.

Please click here to download the Field Volunteer application form for The Barbados Sea Turtle Project and please email your completed form along with your CV to: thebstp@yahoo.com