22 Nov 2013Blog

Miami Beach (Enterprise beach)

by Catherine

The west coast beaches of BIM seem to get all the glory, but this gem on the south coast of Christ Church offers double the pleasure. Not only does Miami Beach (Enterprise Beach) go by two names, you get a two-for-one beach experience in a single destination. The left side and the right side each offer a different vibe. Choose one over the other depending on your preference or pop back and forth between the two at whim. There’s something for everyone, with enough variety to accommodate your changing moods as you while away a day at the beach.

Got kids? The sheltered cove to the right of the rocky point offers calm, shallow water ideal young paddlers and more timid swimmers. Crave waves? The bay to the left of the point is perfectly pummelled for your boogie boarding or body surfing bliss – not too rough, just right. Want sun? It’s got plenty of that, natch. Need shade? Set up camp under the canopy of casuarina trees.

Feeling peckish? Head to Mr. Delicious Snack Bar, the colourful pioneer food truck – or bus, in this case – offering a wide menu including cutters, fish cakes and rotis, not to mention cold Banks and rum punch. It’s not necessarily swift service, but it lives up to its name and is well worth the wait.

With other conveniences like picnic tables, freshwater showers, toilet facilities, drink machine, lifeguard and lounge chair rentals, it’s no wonder easygoing Miami Beach is a popular option with local residents and tourists alike. Weekdays tend to draw a sparse sprinkling of beach-goers but weekends can attract a lively crowd of families and friends, not to mention some intense domino players. No worries, the beach is big enough to accommodate all so you are never too close for comfort. It’s a friendly atmosphere, though, so feel free to strike up a conversation with a random neighbour.

A minute or two up the road is Oistins, home of the famous fish fry. Pop by – especially on a Friday or Saturday night – to extend your beach day into the night. Surfer’s Cafe, just past the fish market, is a cute waterfront hideaway for coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks, with occasional live music to enhance the ambiance. On the higher end of the spectrum, treat yourself to dinner on the terrace at Cafe Luna in Little Arches, an exquisite boutique hotel within walking distance from the south end of Miami/Enterprise Beach.

Parking can be found behind the Oistins post office and police station at a fork on the southern end of Oistins Main Road. Alternative parking can be found at the end of Enterprise Beach Road one block down.