11 May 2010Blog

MACO People Barbados!

by m

Would you like to advertise in MACO People Barbados?

Statistically this magazine is read by people between the ages of 21 to 50 and is circulated in bookstores, supermarkets, gyms, airports, banks, coffee shops, restaurants, lounges, select retail stores, doctors offices, polo clubs, special events and that’s just a start.

MACO People Barbados is published quarterly and the rack rates are as follows:

Half Page – $650 USD
Full Page – $1,250 USD
Double Page Spread – $2,250 USD
Inside Front Cover – $2,500 USD
Outside Back Cover – $3,000 USD
Inside Back Cover – $2,000 USD
FRH Opposite Contents – $1,500 USD

Email MACO MAG to find out more info!