08 Apr 2013Blog

Local Barbados Fruit

by Monique

Local Barbados fruit come in all colours, sizes and tastes!

Barbados has a load of local, tasty fruit, most of the time, easy to pick and super delicious!

Here’s a list of our Bajan favourites and picks from some of our followers:

MangoesBajan Cherries

Hog PlumsGooseberries

Sea GrapesSoursop

ShaddockSugar Apple

  • Mangoes
  • Bajan Cherries
  • Fat Porks
  • Gooseberries
  • Sea Grapes
  • Sour Sop
  • Shaddock
  • Mammy Apple / Sugar Apple
  • Golden Apples
  • Dunks
  • Bajan Plums
  • Hog Plums

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