28 Oct 2009Blog

Live The Caribbean Dream For Less Than Ever Before

by Maxwell

The credit crunch has had a strange and wonderful effect on Caribbean property markets; it has made them affordable.

According to an article in the Telegraph October 24th demand for Caribbean property has been increasing since the spring, because a number of factors have converged to make Caribbean property more affordable than at any time in the last decade.

Briefly the factors were:

* Caribbean property prices have fallen between 15 and 20% since the peak in 2007.
* Developers are removing non-essential luxuries like moorings and spas to make properties even more affordable.
* And Caribbean property is priced in US Dollars for the most part, giving British buyers a further advantage in that the Pound is currently worth about 30c more than it was at the start of the year.

The rising demand is evident in the fact that you can read such a positive article in the Telegraph. For the last year or so, when there has been very little appetite for overseas property from the British public, there has been very little coverage in the UK press. Now that the appetite is returning we can see positive press coverage of overseas property markets increasing also.

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