24 Jun 2011Blog

Little Buckden: A home away from home retreat for dogs!

by Monique

Not sure where to send your pets when you’re going on holiday or back home for the Summer months?

Little Buckden is set in a quiet, rural plantation estate on the East coast of the island and is an amazing facility for dog lovers/owners to leave their pets when travelling, which offers 24 hour personal care.

This ‘doggy camp’, as we often refer to it, is owned and managed by Sue Blandford, a professional dog trainer and caring owner of several dogs and her assistant, Nal, who is also an experienced dog handler.

As regular customers ourselves, Jonathan and I love the care and attention both Sue and Nal give to our dogs, not to mention how they present your pets on collection smelling of pure sweetness from the lavish bath they are given. We highly recommend for everyone to use this facility if you need a place for your dogs to stay. It takes away the worry of whether your pets are being looked after well and is very affordable.

References are available from many other satisfied customers.

Daily walking service is available as well as global shipping and long term boarding.

Viewing is by appointment only…

Contact: Sue Blandford
Tel: 433-6633