02 Dec 2013Blog

Little Bay

by Catherine

Not everyone makes the journey up to the rugged north tip of Barbados, but the St. Lucy coastline boasts some of the best hidden coves and dramatic beachscapes on the island. Little Bay is one of the most spectacular examples of this and is well worth the trek.

A wall of weathered limestone boarders either side of the sandy enclave. Among the funky fissures, rippled ridges and chiseled caverns on the cliff is a large circular peekaboo hole carved through by the persistent Atlantic ocean. This impressive arch makes one of the best photo-ops on the island.

A rocky shelf at the front of the cove spills into a natural lagoon which you can cautiously wade or swim in during low tide. However, as the water level rises the pounding surf becomes too turbulent and unpredictable to risk a dip. In exchange, you will be treated to a crescendo of crashing waves that cascade over, under and through blowhole fountains in the rocks. Just sit back and watch this aqua-acrobatics show spouting high in the air and revel in the awesome power of nature. Scale to the top of the chalky cliffs to take in a stunning view of the northeastern coastline. You can even hike along the clifftop through fields of black bellied sheep to check out neighbouring deserted coves, but there’s no shade along the route so bring plenty of water.

It’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth of unlabelled roads on the way to Little Bay. It’s technically off Highway B3 near an area called Pie Corner. Look for Cove Bay Road which forks to the left into Little Bay Road and then leads you to a field where you can park the car. Maps and signs can be misleading, but the local residents are usually happy to help point the way. Consider the journey part of the adventure, a chance to explore some of the smaller villages and farmland in this authentic Bajan area. Just keep your bearings on the coast and trust that you’ll eventually find it.

Yes, Little Bay is off the beaten track, but not totally off the radar. Several tour operators make scenic pit-stops here and there’s even a Segway tour that rolls in this direction. While in the vicinity you should check out Animal Flower Cave, which has a small cafe, and River Bay, which has picnic tables and washrooms. There are no facilities, amenities or refreshments at Little Bay though, so bring whatever you need to make a romantic rendezvous, family outing or group picnic. Whatever you do, don’t forget the camera.