20 Jun 2016Property For Sale

Land on Highway 1

Black Rock Road, St. Michael



There is Barbados land on Highway 1 measuring 8,207 square feet available for sale on Black Rock Road, St. Michael.

This Barbados land on Highway 1 is begins at Eagle Hall to the south and ends at Walmers Lodge to the north. This St. Michael location is obliquely opposite Chefette Restaurant and South of Flintstones Inc.

The plot of land for sale is formerly residential in character, but within the last 30 years, it has become primarily residential/commercial. Amenities nearby include churches, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, medical offices, a polyclinic, service stations and other commercial enterprises along Highway 1. The land abuts Black Rock Road to the north, a road in common intersected by a right of way to the east.

The Spring Garden Highway is located approximately 1/2 mile to the west and the ABC Highway begins at the Paradise Walmer Lodge round-about on Highway 1. All utilities are installed and public transportation is readily available.

Features of this Barbados land on Highway 1

  • Land area:8,207 sq.ft.
  • Land is triangular in shape
  • Existing use is commercial
  • The highest & best use of the land is commercial
  • The highest and best use as defined by The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) is “the most probable use of a property which is physically possible, appropriately justified, legally permissible, financially feasible and which results in the highest value of the property being valued”.

Amenities nearby Black Rock Road, St. Michael

  • Schools
  • Medical facilities
  • Various Businesses

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