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Sandy Dot

Cattlewash, St. Joseph



Sandy Dot is a Cattlewash home for sale in St. Joseph.

Cattlewash is located on the East coast of Barbados in the heart of the nationally protected “Scotland District” which is renowned for its naturally beautiful and scenic rugged landscape. The clay hills covered in greenery give way to a stunning stretch of white sand that stretches over 7 miles from Joe’s River in St. Joseph to Pico Teneriffe in St. Peter.

The picturescue coastline is dotted with vacation homes known locally as “bay houses”, many of which have served as holiday homes for several decades and have seen generations take pleasure in the natural beauty and serenity of area. Early evening bonfires, family gatherings, robust sea bathing and surf all make it a unique and refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of the more developed areas on the island.


  • Permission has been granted to subdivide the property known as “Sandy Dot”, one of the prime beachfront locations in Cattlewash, into two equal lots of approximately 11,835 sq.ft. each.
  • A prospective purchaser will be able to choose between the two lots and the remaining lot will be retained by the vendor.
  • Both lots offer amazing views of the beach and the ocean and are situated directly in front of one of the best swimming areas on the coast where a sand bank forms several times a year.
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