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North Point

St. Lucy



This Barbados Real Estate sits  in an elevated position on the northern tip of Barbados.

This is a superb piece of natural coastline with its own beach. North Point sits above the beautiful rugged shoreline that is freshly splashed by the spirited waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The property was first purchased by a local plantation manager in the 1950’s who acquired it for use as a weekend and holiday retreat. The foundation of the bay house he built can still be found on the property. He sold the property to an English couple in the early 60’s who dreamt of turning the property into a holiday resort. They fulfilled their dream a few years later when North Point Surf Resort was formed. The resort boasted 48 rooms with sea views, a private beach, an Olympic sized swimming pool and high diving boards all lovingly cooled by the Caribbean’s gorgeous north-east trade winds.

Sadly the resort went into receivership. The current owners have had the property for some thirty years since that time and have now decided to sell it. The ruins that remain are in an advanced state of disrepair but the property maintains a wonderful aura of cliff top presence and private seclusion that are very difficult to find anywhere in the world, far less on a very popular Caribbean Island.

A row of Casuarinas adorns part of the eastern side of the property and there is a stairway that leads down the cliff face to a beautiful sandy beach that is secluded and very private. The land on both sides of the property is open cliff top with a small gully to the rear offering further privacy.

This estate has a fond history with Barbadians as a well known long standing land mark on the northern tip of the island, particularly so with swimmers who competed at swim meets held there in the 1970’s. This truly is a fabulous opportunity to purchase a small piece of recent history with a pedigree and potential for conversion into a superb holiday destination.

Features of this Barbados Real Estate

  • Land area: 14.92 acres
  • Structures:
    • Ruins of two storey hotel building
    • Ruins of two apartment blocks
    • Ruins of Managers house
    • Ruins of 50ft Olympic sized swimming and diving pool
    • Partial base for two tennis courts
  • Sea frontage approximately 800ft
  • Superb beach
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