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This Land at Martins Bay is Barbados real estate which sits in an elevated position with a fantastic view of the sea and the Bay.

Martin’s Bay is a quaint, scenic bay on the east of the island that retains much of the old Barbadian charm from yesteryear where fishing boats can still be seen going in and out of the bay to ply their trade. The bay is quite sheltered, un-spoilt and very scenic and has become a popular destination for visitors who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the developed west and south coasts of the island.

The challenge is finding it! Well off the beaten track with little or no signage, unless you know of it or have been there, this gorgeous piece of Caribbean paradise remains an un-spoilt hidden treasure because of its secluded location and its anonymous identity.
An old beach bar set at the bottom of the bay has become such a sought out getaway over the years that it has been expanded by its owners in 2015 and is now a much larger operation known as The Bay Tavern.

The piece of land we are selling sits about 150 meters from the water’s edge and overlooks the bay. It is actually two lots 13,421 square feet and 12,543 square feet each and added together make up the total square footage of 25,964 square feet

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