18 Aug 2009Blog

Is the West Coast of the USA a feasible tourist market without direct air links?

by Maxwell

In this article posted on www.caribbeannetnews.com it is reported that the BTA are making efforts to drive up tourism from the West Coast of the States, such as California and Colorado.

With a healthy supply of air links from the East Coast, one may think this a logical source of tourism, unfortunatley I am not so confident.

The travel time it takes added to the time changes going from one coast to the other, makes the journey a real nightmare.

I have experienced flying to California, Nevada, and Colorado from Barbados. The outward bound is not so bad, but coming home is tough, unless you are happy to take a night stop!

Now, if we could get a direct air link from the West Coast or a main West Coast hub to Barbados, I think it would open a whole new world of opportunities within the American tourist market and also for Barbadians and others in the region traveling to the West Coast.

If you have any comments on this or know of an air link that could help, please feel free to comment.