01 Oct 2012Blog

Get ready for your holiday in Barbados (men only)

by Monique

If you are looking to improve your Barbados holiday experience (in this instance we’re talking to you fellas), here are some useful tips you should know before arriving on the island.

No speedos..board shorts only!1. Put away your man-bikini

High on the list of ‘do-nots’ is to wear a pair of swimming briefs on the beach in Barbados. We are an island full of surfing of all kinds including windsurfing, kite surfing, boogie boarding, and just plain ole surfing, which means board shorts or baggies are the local flavour.

Keep the Speedos for the French islands, guys. 😉

Do not wear socks and slippers together2. Socks and flip flops are not a style

Seriously, it really isn’t. This is another piece of advice that should not be ignored, especially for you single men out there. By all means pack your flip flops to wear for most of your Barbados holiday. Definitely pack some socks to go for a hike or play a round of golf but under no circumstances should these two items be worn together. If in doubt, go barefoot; totally acceptable on any island.

Too much zink guys!3. Don’t pretend you are a warrior

We are an island not an amazon, so regular sunblock with a high factor is as it good as it needs to get, as a means to protect your skin. Do not apply excessive amounts of neon zink sunblock in tiger stripes across your face to hang out on the beach …

Unless of course, you wish to be that 1980′s come back-ee tourist!

No shirts in the water please!4. Avoid the wet t-shirt look

We get it. You want to protect your skin from too much sun, especially if you spend all day on the beach. However, invest in a rash vest either before you arrive or at one of our surf shops. Soaking wet t-shirts hanging off of you is simply not attractive. Plus, this investment is perfect for that surf lesson which you should definitely book!

5. Wearing floral t-shirts to fit in is a myth5. Wearing floral t-shirts to fit in is a myth

Unlike what a lot of you might think, Bajans don’t actually have a cupboard full of floral print shirts in bright colours for every occasion. You’re a tourist on a tropical island, there’s really no need to make yourself stand out even more. ;D