09 Jul 2009Blog

Health Awareness Tourism — Another string in the bow for Barbados’s tourism sector

by Maxwell

Your Health is Your Wealth, and the tourism sector in Barbados fully appreciates it!

Launching a new state of the art diagnostic machine (CT 16-Slice Bright Speed Elite Scanner), Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, delivered an important message in his speach at the West Coast’s Sunset Crest Medical Centre.

Refering to health awreness tourism, Minister Inniss said, “We recognise this as a new industry with tremendous potential to compel us to improve upon the quality and quantity of our healthcare facilities, while creating new markets for our tourism sector. There is a solid foundation already established in the tourism sector and some sectors of the health sector and it is our intention to build on these.”

Feel free to click here for the article in today’s Advocate.