12 Feb 2013Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day

by Summer

The month of February has arrived, and with it comes Valentines Day! The one day of the year when people show their loved ones how they feel, by giving them chocolates, flowers and cards.

This year we thought it would be fun to give you some original gift ideas that might bring a smile to your sweet-heart’s face on Valentine’s Day. ;D

A gift for guys and girls


These coins are great when trying to solve problems like who should wash the dishes, who should call the in-laws, and who should pay for dinner!

Can’t agree? Just flip the coin! May the best (wo)man win! Buy here…

A gift for her

ring with cupA ring of love cup

Guys, if you aren’t ready to take the big leap, this gift for your girl may be a good compromise.

She gets the ring, and you get more time… temporarily!

Buy here

A gift for him

slippersMansome Slippers

Girls, instead of whining all day about how your guy doesn’t do enough around the house, just kill two birds with one stone, and give him these great mop slippers.

He can clean while he walks around the house! Buy here…


nothingAnd when there is nothing else to give… give nothing!

They say the intention of giving is the most important. This lovely ball of nothing makes a perfect gift.

Here is your chance to prove it!

If your guy or girl accepts it gracefully you will know that there is true love involved. Buy here…