29 Jul 2009Blog

Guyana set for first gambling venue to help boost tourism

by Maxwell

Blackjack+table_article_35According to the Associated Press, Guyana’s first casino is to be opened later this year by the Turkish developer, Princess Group Hotels and Casinos.

The group has pledged to invest $2 million USD into the project that will see local accomodation upgraded to a five star hotel and the construction of the gambling venue.

Their spokesperson, Oguz Tayanc, said the development near the capital Georgetown, should create about 150 jobs.

The project falls in line with the government’s recent attempts to attract more visitors by declaring that any developer who built a hotel with 150 plus rooms would automatically qualify for the required gaming license!

Guyanna is a member of  the 15 countries that form CARICOM.  As recent as last week, CARICOM held a four-day summit to discuss methods of boosting their struggling economies!

Although the neighbouring island of Canoan is home to a Trump Casino, Barbados only permits slot machines and other monitored betting such as at the horse races.


What are your thoughts on Barbados’s gambling activity? Should the government be considering gaming as an alternative type of tourism? How would Barbados property sales, rentals, and values be affected?