31 Jul 2012Blog

Go Green: 5 tips to recycle your plastic bags

by Monique

Ever feel sometimes that your supermarket bag supply in the utility cupboard is getting out of control? I mean, there is only so many times a week that you need to reline your garbage bins around the house, right? Well we’ve found some clever other reasons to reuse your plastic bags…

1. Keep away pesky pests. Photo by Jared Holder1. Keep away pesky pests.

Tie a plastic bag around ripening fruit to deter hungry animals. In this instance, (and especially in Barbados and on the plantation where we live), the pests I refer to are our very own Green monkey. Breadfruit, avocados and mangos are now in season. We never seem to eat any mangos that our tree might bear (there never seem to be that many in the first place), athough it could be that these cheeky monkey’s are devouring the fruit before we even have a chance to see it! (Beware of the birds too, and caterpillars, and pretty much a whole load of other creatures. After all we are a tropical island)…


2. Protect your hands2. Protect your hands.

I’m sure at first you wondered where I was going with this, but, why not use your plastic bags as gloves when waxing your car or polishing your furniture? (P.S. Obviously you’ll need to wipe off/buff your car or furniture with a cloth to achieve that finished shine).


3. Preserve your paint3. Preserve your paint.

After you’ve finished painting, cover the lid of the paint can with a plastic bag before you place the lid securely back on. The plastic bag acts as a sealant and prohibits the dried paint, that inevitably encrusts the lid, from falling into the paint. So, the next time you go to open the can, your paint liquid is as good as gold.


4. Spoil your pets4. Spoil your pets.

If you have pets (like we do), you’ll know that beds for your beloved animals do not come that cheaply in Barbados. I also find the regular kind hard to find. So, we found a solution! Grab an old pillow case, stuff with plastic bags, sew the open-end shut and voila! You have a comfy little bed your mutt or cat will enjoy. Btw, that bed in the image is a designer dog bed I found online… seriously.


5. Store sharp objects.5. Store sharp objects.

If you’re into DIY projects at home or you are a carpenter by trade, this tip is for you. Line your tool belt with a couple plastic bags (cut off the edges so there’s no overhang) and load up your nails. Now when you’re digging into your pouch to select the write nail, you won’t be administering small punctures to your side!

Do you have any more tips to add to the list?