17 Jun 2009Blog

Global Property Guide: Barbados prices continue to rise

by m

Here’s an overview that shows Barbados is continuing to see increases in property prices, expanding mortgage facilities and a thriving rental market both on the west and south coast of the island.

CO-BBP-F01The property market in Barbados remains buoyant. In early 2009, demand stayed strong, despite the global crisis.

Property price increases have been about 10% to 15% annually over the past years, according to Cluttons Barbados. At the upper-end market, prices of luxury houses have appreciated more than 15% per year, Cluttons adds.

“Barbados has in the past always performed well, as more established and international markets decline – and then Barbados again benefits, as these more international markets bounce back.” says Tim Morgan, managing director of Cluttons Barbados.

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