01 Oct 2012Blog

Get ready for your holiday in Barbados (ladies only)

by Monique

Going on vacation to Barbados is always a treat! Here are some things you ladies may want to consider when preparing for your Caribbean holiday…

1. Shy about your pale skin?1. Prepare your ‘see-through’ skin :p

We suggest a visit to the fake ‘n’ bake salon. Not only will your now slightly tainted skin make you feel better the moment you step off the plane (especially when faced with us super tanned islanders), but a little fake bake will also establish a base tan for your sun craving tanning sessions. No matter what hue you are however, be sure to lather on the sunblock periodically throughout the day.

Strut your stuff2. Get ready to be a bare beach bum

If you are staying for a while, say more than two days, you may want to consider getting a wax before you arrive. Being the tropical island that we are, Barbados has an average temperature of 27°C with 8 hours of sunshine per day. This really equates to plenty of Vitamin D and fewer clothes being worn whenever possible to avoid over heating. This means, bikinis, bikinis, bikinis and shorts all day long!

Bad hair day3. Avoid humidity hair

Unlike the cooler climates you may be joining us from, the humidity (coupled by the sea water) in Barbados is not kind to your hair. Walk with some rehydration conditioner, serums and a trusty flat iron.

If that fails, tie it up or wear a hat to avoid being that 1980’s come back-ee tourist. 🙂

Bajan slang4. Learn the Bajan Dialect

Without a doubt no visitor should come to Barbados without having had a good read over some basic Bajan colloquialisms. This will help to avoid situations of blank wonder when a Bajan says things to you like ‘Cheese on bread girl, you real tan!’ (he is not offering you food) or ‘You onstan?’ (he is not asking you to do a handstand) or ‘Can I have a wine?’ (he is not asking you for a drink). Read more here.

Sunblock5. Avoid the fire engine red look

Most importantly you should not forget to pack a good selection of sun-blocks, and after sun lotions. As mentioned, average temperatures reach 80F and higher in summer. You don’t want to get a sun burn before getting the opportunity to work up a great tan to show off back home.