23 Oct 2012Blog

First time homeowners seminar in Barbados

by Monique

Join the Barbados Estate Agent & Valuers Association (BEAVA) on November 3rd for a seminar on all you need to know as a first time buyer of property in Barbados! This Barbados real estate seminar will be held at the Barbados Yacht Club on Saturday November 3rd from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

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This seminar will have panelists from the legal, construction, insurance, banking and of course real estate realms. Speakers will help you understand that having all your ducks in a row BEFORE you begin your property search, WILL make for a stress-free experience.
These brief presentations will focus on securing a mortgage, putting insurance in place and the legal aspect of buying property in Barbados. Royal Bank of Canada, Preconco, the Insurance Corporation of Barbados and Attorney Azaz Juman are just a few of the panelists who will be speaking.

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Creating a wish list for your perfect home is easy, let the real estate professionals help you make the next steps as painless as possible!

(P.S. All you have to do is show up, there’s NO FEE associated with this seminar!)

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