23 Jun 2009Blog

Expatify: Monday Escape: Speightstown, Barbados

by m

Many people visit Barbados and seem to miss out on experiencing Speightstown, which is on its own accord one of the most beautiful towns on the island. The best part of Speightstown, in my opinion,  is the stretch along the coast, where you will find cafes, banks, shopping stores, pubs, friendly people and super friendly fruit and veggie vendors.  It’s where I shop for my fruit and veggies every week!

speightstown_3Most people don’t need much edging when it comes to the utopian plusses of living on a Caribbean island, but Barbados may be one of the most ideal for expat living. We recommend the quaint Speightstown, which is the second largest town on the island behind Bridgetown.

The city is named after William Speight, a member of Barbados’ first Assembly during the colonial years as well as the former land owner where the city is located. Many historic buildings dating from colonial times, including Arlington House, still remain standing in the town and can be seen mostly along Queen Street, Church Street and Orange Street.

Source: www.expatify.com