10 Mar 2010Blog

Dubai style artificial islands off the coast of Barbados!?!

by Maxwell

An article in today’s Barbados Advocate:

Artificial islands a viable option?

It is no secret that the available land space in this country is quite limited, and with more and more tourism-related developments popping up every and anywhere, some Barbadians are starting to wonder if there will be enough land left for them to own a piece of the rock.

It is for this reason, as well as the fact that tourism is our mainstay and needs every opportunity to progress and expand, that I think the idea of creating artificial islands off of the West Coast of Barbados is not a bad idea. That proposal, put forward by real estate magnate Paul Altman, has been on the table for about a year now and as I understand it, would consist of a 250-acre island that would house new tourism-based developments and a second with a size of 50 acres, to serve as a national park. Certainly, not only would it provide alternative accommodation for the tourists who visit these shores and provide employment for more Barbadians, but it could make this country more attractive to the more affluent tourists, which could mean more foreign exchange.

Indeed, this concept of creating islands would be somewhat new to the Caribbean region. Yes, countries have reclaimed land before, Barbados included – the current site of the Bridgetown Deep Water Harbour is what was Pelican Island – but to go to the extent of actually developing an island off the coast has not been done. However, I do think that it would serve to raise our stakes where the tourism industry is concerned.

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Personally I find this very concerning from an environmental impact.  Reports on the grape vine of the artificial islands in Dubai suggest the islands need round the clock maintenance to stop them from washing away.  The real estate market in Dubai has crashed and with that the influx of income to maintain the islands will surely diminish.

BPL would like to know your opinion on this controversial topic!