20 Oct 2009Blog

Constant Gallery …the Persian carpet collection

by Jonathan

Speightstown is home to many treasures, and the Constant Gallery, a beautiful collection of Persian craftsmanship and artistry, is no exception!

A Persian carpet is an example of an art and culture that has existed for thousands of years. Iranians were among the first carpet weavers of the ancient world and, through centuries of creativity and ingenuity, have achieved a unique degree of excellence. Building on the talents of the past, this tradition has been maintained despite the industrialisation of the modern world. In 2008, Iran’s exports of hand-woven carpets was around $420 million.

Constant Gallery ...the Persian carpet collection

The carpets at Christopher Robinson’s Constant Gallery come in many regular, and irregular, sizes from micro to extra-large. Browsing the display you’ll find a rainbow of colours and you can discover how the wool and silk materials are used in the long weaving process. Some rugs can take years to produce and the Constant Gallery is home to many rugs over 200 years old.

Persian carpets can make surprisingly affordable investments. So, if you’re interested in finding out more, you can call Chris on 422-6555 or visit Speightstown and take a look for yourself…