17 Apr 2012Blog

Cassareep Café for sale!

by Monique


One of my favourite lunch spots on the West coast is for sale!!! The Cassareep Café business in Speightstown is for sale. This cute little spot, situated on the beach, shaded by trees is known for its food and hospitality. For years Cassareep has served great meals, coffees, hosted weddings, parties, you name it. For a small venue, this business has punched way above its weight entertaining holidaymakers and locals alike. To say it’s well loved is an understatement. I for one, sincerely hope the new owner is as successful as the current proprietor Saman Golesorkhi. Sam already has several interested parties in purchasing the business, if you’re interested yourself, you can drop him a line at this email address or call his cell on: 234-6568.

If you’ve never heard of this business, check the website and Facebook page.