29 Sep 2009Blog

BPL Benchmark September, 2009

by Jonathan

In conjunction with customised tracking software, we also use Google Analytics. It has quite a few neat features, one that is particularly useful is benchmarking your site against other sites that use Google Analytics. For example, you can compare your key stats to other websites in similar areas to learn how well you’re doing. Here are the results of our September benchmark comparison with other real estate websites of a similar size.

In almost every case, you will see that we are doing significantly better than our competition. The only area where we’re ‘in the red’ is on our Bounce Rate. Bounce Rate is really useful metric which measures the rate at which people leave your site. Ideally you want a very low bounce rate as this would mean people are spending more time on your site. However, our business model is slightly different to most sites, because we are in the business of referring our users to other real estate agents and homeowners. This is why our bounce rate is slightly higher than average.