28 Oct 2012Blog

Best 5 water activities in Barbados

by Summer

With about twelve hours of daylight on any given day in Barbados, there is plenty of time for fun in the sun and even more time to play in the water. This is our list of five water activities that you should experience while on holiday in Barbados!

1. Surfing

Two of the most highly recommended surf schools in Barbados are definitely Boosy’s Surf School and Surf Barbados.

Boosy's Surf SchoolBoosy’s Surf School (run & owned by Christian Boos) offers lessons mostly at Freights Bay just South of Oistins (because that’s the BEST place to learn how surf), however will take you anywhere the waves are best that given day, depending on your level of surfing. If you don’t have a car, no worries, Boosy offers pickups for any clients on the South coast (about 30 minutes before your lesson time). Group prices are $50.00 USD per person (cash only) but for more info on any deals and for a constant update on pure surfing vibes in Barbados, check out his website.

Barry's Surf BarbadosSurf Barbados (run & owned by one gorgeous couple, Barry and Christie Banfield) offers an amazing rate of $75.00 USD per person for a surf lesson of 2 hours, then you can keep using the board to surf for the rest of the day on your own. Forgot your sun protector/rash vest? No problem, Surf Barbados will provide you with one for your lesson. Are you an intermediate (or higher) surfer? Surf Barbados can also rent you boards for approximately $30.00 USD per day (for two days minimum). For more info check out their website.

Be prepared: Don’t forget your board shorts, rash vest, beach towel, 30+ SPF factor sunscreen, AND a bottle of water. (It really IS hot around these parts!) 

Stand up paddling2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding – SUP

Stand up paddle boarding (or SUP as the cool, trendy people call it) is a popular and fun activity which you’ll love for at least two reasons. One, SUP is good for your health as each stroke engages your entire body AND two, SUP is a great way to top up your tan (it’s a no brainer really). Actually, SUP-ing for 30 minutes is said to burn the same amount of calories as a six mile run (had to add that in for extra incentive)!

Stand up paddle boardingWe would definitely recommend Paddle Barbados and What’ SUP Barbados. They both offer classes, tours, private lessons, and rent boards. Whether you fancy a West coast or South coast paddle, both Jason (Paddle Barbados) and Ryan (What’ SUP Barbados) will be ready and willing to show you a good time! It doesn’t (really) matter how old you are, we’ve been told people from as young as 4 to as old as 70 have been known to SUP with no problem! Oh, if you’re not a strong swimmer, let them know and a life jacket will be provided.

Be prepared: Besides sunblock, your bikini or board shorts, you may wish to wear a rash vest or t-shirt AND perhaps a cap. Sunglasses are optional but unless you’re quick on the draw fall, they’ll likely become a treasure of the ocean floor.

Windsurfing3. Windsurfing & Kitesurfing

Barbados was made famous for windsurfing by internationally known Barbadian, Brian Talma. He is the Caribbean’s highest ranking professional windsurfer (who can also be seen surfing monstrous waves and kite surfing when the swell or wind is ‘irie’). Brian (who runs and owns) deAction Shop on Silver Rock beach also hosts the Waterman Festival which occurs February of each year. Rent a windsurfing board or learn how to windsurf with deAction Shop.

Endless Kiteboarding BarbadosRental prices range from $40.00 USD per day to $450.00 USD per week while lessons are $60.00 USD per hour for beginners and $30.00 USD for intermediate to advance. You can also learn how to kitesurf with Brian. Rental prices range from $60.00 USD for half day (or board only for $35.00 USD) to $80.00 USD for a full day (or board only $60 USD). Lessons (equipment included) are $75.00 USD per hour, and a six hour course is $360 USD. For more info check out Brian’s website.

Learn to kitesurf in BarbadosAlso, on the Barbados kitesurfing scene is Endless Kiteboarding (run & owned by Roland Boyce). One of our team actually have first hand experience with learning to kitesurf under Roland so we would highly recommend you get in touch! Along with Silver Rock Beach, lessons are also taught at Long Beach. For a full list of prices on kite surfing equipment rentals click here and for rates on private or group lessons, click here!

Be prepared: Definitely wear some board shorts (whether you’re a dude or a dudette) and drink a cup of joe before (and maybe chomp on a chocolate) ‘cus you’ll need some energy!

4. Fishing

Sport FishingI.O.U Fishing Charters (run & and owned by locals, Alan and Nicola Birkett), is on the same stretch as the Waterfront Café at the Careenage in Barbados. This fishing boat charter company is one of the best in Barbados and offers the option to charter the boat for 4, 6 or 8 hour outings (some include drinks AND sandwiches, be sure to ask which one). One of the most popular charters is the five-hour fish and swim, which is GREAT for those of you with kids, as I. O. U will combine a little fishing with some swimming (WITH turtles)! Browse their website for more info.

Fishing Caribbean style with Winfield: 246-828-9547For a more cultural experience, give Winfield a call on 246-828-9547. He will take you (not TOO far) out on an authentic wooden Caribbean fishing boat (with a cooler of banks beer of course). One of our team have taken guests (many times) on fishing excursions with Winfield, and has never been disappointed (about the experience in any case, as sometimes the fish simply don’t bite!). Winfield launches his boat from Ju Ju’s Beach Bar on the West coast of Barbados, so if you book an afternoon outing, you’ll also have the chance to admire a sensational Barbados sunset on your way back in!

Be prepared: Carry a hat, wear a thin long sleeve shirt to protect you from the sun, and carry an extra shirt in case you get splashed by a big wahoo! ;D If the sea is a bit rough, you’ll want to walk with some motion sickness tablets as well.

5. Scuba diving and snorkelling

Dive Barbados SnorkelDive Barbados Blue located at the Hilton Hotel offers an amazing selection of trips and lessons to suit almost anyone. From snorkelling ship wrecks in the Carlisle Bay Marine Park, to swimming and snorkelling with the turtles, reef diving, and (for the more adventurous) night diving; Dive Barbados Blue has it all. Rates vary from $70.00 USD and all equipment and safety gear is provided. Visit their website for more info.

Reefers and WreckersLocated in Speightstown, and offering numerous options of dive and snorkelling sites, from Maycocks in the North to Carlisle Bay in the South, Reefers and Wreckers are also another excellent choice. They offer rates from $70 USD per person (and if you bring your own gear, they’ll give you a reduction on the rate!) Visit their website for more info.

Be prepared: Sunblock is a MUST. It may feel like you’re safe under the water but the sun will get you!  Also, wear a t-shirt or rash vest and definitely walk with your underwater camera. Remember the prettier the species is, the likely that it is equally as poisonous so look but don’t touch (unless okay-ed by your instructor)!

Of course there are other water activities Barbados has to offer like jet skiing, tubing, water skiing, kayaking and then of course a day on a catamaran, sailing and so on, but that’s for another post. Barbados’ beaches are plentiful as are its activities, so one thing you can check off your list is that there is something that will work for everyone!