04 Nov 2011Blog

Best 5 fish fries in Barbados

by Monique

Fancy a taste of local and very affordable cuisine? And it all takes place on the beachfront… Try these local fish fries:

Merton's Fish Fry1. Merton’s

Located to the North of the island in Half Moon Forte, this fish fry is one of my favourites. Merton’s fish fry is a open air but covered structure that sits on a cliff overlooking the sea and located in the middle of a fishing village at Half Moon Forte in St. Lucy. Local fresh fish is cooked over a wood burning grill and served with your choice of breadfruit chips, fries, salad, grilled veg, rice or macaroni pie. You can bring your own wine (for a corkage fee) but the best way to experience Merton’s fish fry is by ordering a flask of rum, a mixer, a couple plastic cups and a bucket of ice, and mix your own drinks throughout the night. There’s always music playing across the road, and sometimes even karaoke, which can be quite entertaining! We love to go on a Thursday night to break up the week but Merton’s is also open Friday through to Sunday night and is good value for money.

Oistins Fish Fry2. Oistins

Looking for something to do on a Friday evening? Oistins is located on the South coast of Barbados along Maxwell coast road and hosts a Friday night fish fry which locals and visitors alike frequent to eat amazing grilled fish from a variety of local fish vendors and party the night away to local entertainment. There is a particularly good vendor located directly adjacent to the fish market where you can get grilled fish (whatever they’ve caught that day) served with grilled potato, salad and homemade tartar sauce. The atmosphere is great here, the locals are friendly and the music, drinks and food flow all night long.

Cuz Fish Fry3. Cuz

Want to know what all the fuss is about at this little shak at Needhams Point on the South coast? Cuz is located in the car park of Pebbles beach, next to Dippers Beach Bar and just before Hilton hotel. It’s just a small hut but the steak fish sandwich here is like no other consisting of a bajan salt bread, fried steak fish (normally marlin), tomato, lettuce, a fried egg or slice of ‘rat cheese’ (which is usually Cheddar cheese), topped with hot pepper sauce and a bit of mayo if you like. A weird combo, but a must try as each ingredient does compliment each other and will leave you totally satisfied.

4. Braddy’s Bar

Braddy's Bar Typical spot to witness locals ‘slamming’ dominoes and overhear folk tales while sipping on your Banks beer. Braddy’s Bar is located at Six Men’s in St. Peter, just a few minutes North of Speightstown, where fresh fish is grilled on a regular size BBQ grill and the shop where you buy your drinks is no bigger than a shed. Seating is in the form of long tables with benches, so you’re likely to have to share a table with others. The atmosphere at Braddy’ Bar s is low key and as the rum keeps flowing, the chatter and domino slamming from the locals gets louder and louder but in a good way. Try to understand what the old men are saying, it’s quite entertaining! Braddy’s Bar is open most nights except for on Sundays.

Martin's Bay Fish Fry5. Martin’s Bay

Located in the heart of a fishing village on the East coast of the island, Martin’s Bay fish fry is one of a kind! Martin’s Bay fish fry is particularly known for its Thursday day lime where they grill whatever the fishermen have caught that morning and serve with a choice of macaroni pie, rice, salad, scalloped potatos, steamed veg or salad. A word of warning, most of the fish served on Thursday comes fully intact and by that I mean grilled with the head and tail (completely cleaned of course). Extremely tasty but not for everyone, so be sure to ask for a bigger fish such as Marlin or Dolphin (no not flipper) if you want a fillet cut! The theme here is similar to other fish fry’s: there are benches, plastic chairs and tables to eat on, buckets of ice, mixers and bottles of liquor to pour at your table and a very local clientele, including the likes of many Government officials, politicians and CEO’s to rub shoulders with. But don’t worry, although they may be in uniform, the atmosphere is still very casual and jubilant, and the view out to the Atlantic ocean is simply mesmerizing. Martin’s Bay is also a great place to check out on a Saturday…