19 Aug 2019Blog

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

by Monique

Living in Barbados has its many perks and for the kids, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is one of them!

As a family of 4, with a six year old and a 20 month old, activities over the weekend are key, especially when we’ve all been cooped up for the first part of the day. My partner and I often forget about this little gem that absorbs an easy couple of hours per visit and gets everyone out for a walk around in some fresh (maybe not so ‘fresh’) air.

A couple weekends ago, the rain had us trapped indoors for the better part of our Sunday. By the time the weather cleared up, it was nearly 3:00 PM. Just enough time to have a walk around before they shut at 5:00 PM. So, we packed in the car and headed over to the Wildlife Reserve. Luckily we live 15 minutes away so we managed a leisurely stroll through the sanctuary, stumbling upon many deer, a few monkeys, a gazillion tortoises, stunning peacocks, some parrots & other tropical birds, a couple bunnies, snakes and even a croc. Below are a few pics of our visit.

Popping over to the Wildlife Reserve in the late afternoon like we did is totally practical and the kids love it, however going at feeding time if you can, is even better. When the baby was not napping in the middle of the day, my partner, the kids and our nanny visited the sanctuary and witnessed the feeding frenzy that occurs at 2:00 PM. The animals are so used to humans they come super close to you. The kids even got to play with some terribly cute baby bunnies. Take a look below and consider the Wildlife Reserve when stuck deciding on a family outing that does not include the beach.

Wildlife Reserve is located to the top of Farley Hill: