22 Nov 2009Blog

Barbados: Sun, sea and G&T – Telegraph

by Jonathan

Justine Picardie has a nice piece in the Telegraph on Barbados’ colonial past, the Coral Reef Club, St. Nicholas Abbey, Fisherpond and Miss Marple…

Barbados life guard station at sunset

There is much about Barbados that has changed since its day as a British colony, but as the gin and tonics clink, you can still see why the island became known as Little England, or Bimshire (the origins of which are obscure). Unlike other Caribbean isles, fought over by a variety of invaders, Barbados was under uninterrupted British control from the first landing of sailors in 1625 until the coming of independence in 1966. There seems to be an even greater concentration of cricket pitches and polo fields here than in the Home Counties, and the place names, like the architecture, are testament to its colonial past (Chancery Lane, Clapham, Hastings, Scarborough).

via Barbados: Sun, sea and G&T – Telegraph.