04 Feb 2014Blog

Barbados public holidays 2014

by Monique

Below are the dates for the public holidays declared by Barbados Ministry of Labour for the year 2014:

Month Week Day Bank Holiday
January 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day
January 21 Tuesday Errol Barrow Day
April 18 Friday Good Friday
April 21 Monday Easter Monday
April 28 Monday National Heroes Day
May 1 Thursday May Day
June 9 Monday Whit Monday
August 1 Friday Emancipation Day
August 4 Monday Kadooment Day
December 1 Monday Independence Day
December 25 Thursday Christmas Day
December 26 Friday Boxing Day

Errol Barrow Day

Errol Barrow Day is a Barbados public holiday in commemoration of a former Prime Minister of Barbados; Errol Walton Barrow, who successfully lead the country to independence in 1966. January 21 was chosen as the day to honour this Barbados National Hero (subsequently declared in 1998 after his death) as it represents his birthday.

Barbados National Heroes Day

First celebrated in 1998, National Heroes Day in Barbados is set to recognize 10 outstanding citizens who have made an incredible contribution to the economic and social conditions of Barbados. April 28 was chosen as the day of remembrance in honour of the 100th birthday of Sir Grantley Adams, one of the 10 National heroes.

Emancipation Day

Emancipation Day is a Barbados bank holiday in recognition of the abolition of slavery. History tells us that the island’s slave revolt was led by a man named Bussa who has also been declared a National Hero.