23 Jan 2014Blog

Barbados Parish Tees

by Monique

For a long time now, I’ve had this idea for a t-shirt to promote Barbados. It’s a simple appropriation of the classic Harvard university shirt — take a look below, you’ll get the idea. What stopped me offering these before is I was never sure how popular the design would be. Then I discovered Teespring.com. Teespring is a crowd-funded way of selling t-shirts that’s 100% free to use and only prints shirts if they are ordered and paid for. The only requirement is that a single design hits a order goal, then Teespring will start shipping.

If you like what we do and want to support the efforts of this website, consider ordering one of our shirts from Teespring today. Each design needs a minimum of 10 requests before they start printing the shirt.

Represent your Barbados parish here!

St. Andrew, Barbados t-shirtSt. James, Barbados t-shirt

St. Peter, Barbados t-shirtSt. Michael, Barbados t-shirt

St. Lucy, Barbados t-shirtSt. George, Barbados t-shirt

Christ Church, Barbados t-shirtSt. John, Barbados t-shirt

St. Philip, Barbados t-shirtSt. Joseph, Barbados t-shirt

St. Thomas, Barbados t-shirt