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Barbados Independence Day 2012: Celebrating 46 years this year!

by Summer

Barbados flagA little bit about Barbados Independence Day…

Barbados achieved independence from Britain on 30th November in 1966, after more than 300 years as a British ruled colony. An elaborate parade and ceremony at the Garrison Savannah marks the beginning celebrations of our Independence Day in Barbados.

Forty-five years ago, Barbadians celebrated their first Independence Day by raising of the Barbados National Flag and airing of the National Anthem. Now, Independence day is a public holiday which is normally enjoyed through fairs, festivals, sporting events, and religious services..

What’s happening on Barbados Independence Day 2012?

1. A ceremonial parade

On the morning of Independence, there is a ceremonial parade at the Garrison, which starts at 8 AM. Guests can see the Barbados Defence Force, Police Force, Cadet Corps, and the Barbados Landship among many others. This is quite a spectacular cultural event, and if you have small children, this is a must see.

2. A live onstage production

Anna Adamira’s production of The Magical Story book, will run a matinee show at the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium at 4 PM. As anyone in Barbados knows, any show produced by Anna, is NOT to be missed! You can get tickets here.

3. A free concert

One of the major events taking place this Independence (November 30th 2012) is the free concert being put on at Independence Square. Starting at 7 PM, attendees can see performances by Mikey, Gabby, Biggie Irie and many other artists. Fireworks are also supposed to be in the works. Locals will sometimes get together on the Hilton Beach with coolers and watch the display.

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Happy Independence Day Barbados! x